The CryBaby Blog

Bars are open. People are on the streets. Covid is over. (Who’s thankful for Big Pharma now?) And there’s finally a reason to take off your stained sweatpants. It feels like a completely different universe from the sad, lonely one we’ve been living in for the past 18 months. I know
you’ve missed live shows, free drinks and indoor comedy. Even if you were one of the cool ones who attended the most lit of quarantine events, the CryBaby DC outdoor comedy show, you still had that void to fill. Well, now that Mayor Bowser is letting us get our full, mask-off party on, Crybaby DC is launching a bunch more regular shows and, of course, this blog! To fill your void, that is. And I am pleased to introduce it…

Welcome, to The CryBaby Blog.

Post topics and info will center around the hottest happenings of Washington, DC, MD and VA; whether it be local politics (more luxury apartments?), culture, the new booming nightlife scene or the ever-growing DC arts community, it’ll be covered.

Let me jump right into it and tell you what CryBaby has in store for this summer. There’s a bunch of shows you can catch on the weekends, all over DC.

Two shows that you’ll have ample opportunity to attend, because they are weekly and freeee, are the shows at The Artemis and
Toki Underground.

The other show you can make a special night out of is The Upper West Side Café; it happens bi-weekly with a headliner and costs a mere $15.

The Artemis (3605 14th St NW) 8 PM
This cool and comfy bar is located north on 14 th street in Columbia Heights, a quick walk from the metro. If you’re hungry you can grab a bite when the server comes around to your table, order your favorite flavor of hookah, and a drink to quench your thirst . Here, the best
comedians from around the DMV are featured trying out their new jokes or quenching their thirst for laughs with tried-and-true classics. Seating is first come, first serve, so get there when doors open at 7:30.

Toki Underground (1234 H St NE)
10:30 PM
First off, I gotta say, this place has the most memorable address around. Art is the inspiration for this space and the walls are decked out in graffiti-style murals painted by local artists. Culture inspires the various craft cocktails you can order like the OnlyFans Martini or the
Cuckoo for Cocoa Punch. Good shit. This is the LATE NIGHT show, at an exclusive spot, so come ready to laugh, come on time and come craving cocktails. Seating is first come, first serve and
doors open at 10:15.

Upper West Side Café Rooftop (2233 M St NW) 8 PM
This café is located above a squash gym, if you’re into that. The vibes here are immaculate. The headliner (whoever it is) has appered on Comedy Central, Netflix, HBO, or one of the Late Night Shows (guaranteed). The drinks are affordable and STRONG. Oh, and it’s on a modern, secluded rooftop with the best views. Not only do they offer drinks and food, but there is a happy hour you can attend before the show. You can be there every other Saturday at 8 PM. It’s kind of perfect for a first date—and that way you’ll know their sense of humor, political views and how easily offended they are right off the bat. Tickets are right here on the website, just make sure to show up when
the doors open.

Can’t make the shows?

Fret not. Clips and pics from the show are posted weekly on IG
@CryBabyDC. Want even more high-quality comedy content? Get ready for the CryBaby Spotify Channel featuring audio clips and playlists from the shows to play your friends what they
missed. Bonus! You can also find a weekly playlist filled with local DC artists to discover your new favorites. And if you’re ready to become a CryBaby DC superfan like me, look out for the summer merch dropping soon!

— @isabella.mou on IG