Comedy Isn’t Going Anywhere

If youre reading a blog about comedy, surely by now oyu have heard the idea: “Comedy is dead”. The pandemic has closed clubs, made indoor gatherings mostly illegal, and taken away comedians ability to get better.

But let me ask you a question: Do people still enjoy laughing? Well, then comedy is here to stay, and it will be forever.

The vaccine will roll out, indoor gatherings will be allowed again, producers will find venues to have open mics and shows, and everything will get churning once again. In fact, now that all of the above wont be taken for granted, like, ever again, you can make a case that comedy will be better than ever. Just be patient.


The Best Comedy Specials on Netflix Right Now

Sam Jay – “3 in the Morning”

Touching on traveling with a partner, the limits of American culture, and running into former partners, plus a lot more, you will be guaranteed to laugh.

Dave Chappelle- “Sticks and Stones”

Saying things that only Dave Chappelle can get away with, while also being poignant, reflective, and honest … well, there’s a reason he is the greatest. Be sure to check this out.

Chris Rock- “Tambourine”

In this special we see a great in a new light that we have never seen before- Personal, Honest, and Vulnerable. Possibly his best work to date, for those reasons. Absolutely hilarious.